Let's speak English

Some time ago I started this blog for writing small notes about working issues. But… in a half year I wrote only two posts. I can say that I don’t have time to write, or I don’t have any interesting working issues I can write about. This is not a truth. I think that I don’t see a sense for it.

I know, that if I have a clear goal and it makes sense for me, it drives me ahead. Especially if I decide to do this public. So, what can be this special goal for me? What can be useful for a long time? I think this is English. I am a nonnative speaker. And it is a problem for me to understand spoken speech. The even bigger problem is to speak free. Speaking freely does not have a sense in itself. It must be needed for something else. For something bigger. And this is a goal.

So, I translated this site to English and decide to write posts only in English. At least that one in a week. I believe that it will be useful. Writing in English then thinking in English and then free to speak on it. For one year. After that, I will try to pass an interview and to take a job in a foreign company.

So, let’s start!